Custom Size & Measurement Instructions:

For the perfect fit we suggested ordering customized. Nothing fits like tailored fit. Remember our Philosophy is everyone should be able to wear Quality Affordable Apparel. 

The Package Enhancer is different and way better. It not only gives you a sexy, natural looking bulge but also feels really good to wear it. Whenever you move, the Package Enhancer doesn’t let your balls move backwards. It keeps your package forward and up, just in the right place.  So, what are you waiting for? It looks damn hot when you are wearing jeans, shorts, swimming suits.   Size really does count! Especially when your package looks natural and sexy!    Get your package forward with Package Enhancer just wait to see how much more attention being confident brings! It is the best men’s underwear ever! 

To see how to order the proper size for your maximum comfort see the images below.

Evidence Man Package Enhancer SIZING GUIDE:


First we measure your pouch size by getting the circumference of “Stones and Pillar” as was referred to on “Game of Thrones” by the Ka’lisie. We need the size of the base of your member (aka pleasure stick, rod, prick, cock, dick, shaft pillar or as I call it the penis) and balls.

Gather Your Supplies. You’ll need a piece of string and a ruler to get your measurement. We recommend using a string instead of trying to use a soft tape measure.

Measure. Wrap the string around your penis and behind your balls. Mark the string where it meets. You want the ring snug when you’re soft and comfortably tight when you’re hard. You may want to measure both soft and hard to double-check your size.

Determine Your Size. Measure the distance from the end of the string to the mark.  This is the circumference.  Use the handy table below to get your size or just include the specific measurement as the “Support Strap” or “Pouch Size” when submitting your custom order.

Circumference Support
Strap Size
13.0-14.5cm (5.0-5.75in)     X Small
14.5-16.5cm (5.75-6.25in)         Small
16.5-18.0cm (6.25-7.0in)      Medium
18.0-19.5cm (7.0-7.75in)          Large

If you’re used to round cock rings or you are on the cusp between sizes, then you should go down to the lower size.

Next we need your waist measurement. Same as we just did but with a longer string measure your waist. **Hint you can wrap the string around you following the waistband of your underwear as a guide. Do not measure the underwear not being worn as the elastic stretches when you put it on. We need your exact measurement to get the best fit.

Make sure to take accurate measurements for best results.
Get help if you are not sure or feel free to contact us.
Customization Element Choices Available
Waistband Material:Red, Black or “Love” (Add $2.99 for Love)
Support Strap StyleSolid: Red, Blue, Yellow or Black
Athletic or Vinyl (black or red vinyl)
Waist SizeMeasure you exact waist size
(waistband of your underwear)
Pouch Size Hard & Soft Measurements as instructed
in the diagram above.
QuantityHow many do you want?

Package Enhancer Variations:  Choose Your Custom Enhancer From the Variables Here:

3 Variations to fit your Style & Comfort!

~Solid Color Classic~
Red, Red-Camo,
Black, Yellow or Blue
~Special Edition~
“Love” Version
~Sports Version~
Athletic Support
Solid Color Classic Version

The Classic Package Enhancer is a complimentary accessory to be worn underneath your underwear. It goes around your waist and behind your balls, holding your entire package up and enhances the look of your manhood. What is the difference between our Package Enhancer and the many other products out there such as: a plastic penis, cock-rings, suspension jocks and underwear with padding?  Coming in Solid Colors it is sure to fit your style.
Special Limited Edition Love Red-Camo Version

The Red Camo LOVE Version is inspired by a true story! Its is better to love and lose than never to love at all, but like Pat Benatar said… “Love is a battlefield…” Works like the classic, but the design in limited edition. Get one while there is still time.
Sports Edition Package Enhancer Male Enhancement
Sports Edition Package Enhancer

The Package Enhancer is a complimentary accessory to be worn underneath your underwear. It works same like the classic, but is in a sports design.  Check out the Stylish Sports Edition for fans and players alike!

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