Shipment Issues

While we hope this does not happen to any of our shipments it turns out that occasionally things are outside of our control. We doe not take it personally the endure

What do I do if there’s a problem with my items? If there are any issues with your shipment, please contact us so we can help you out with a replacement or exchange. If your concern is with a specific item, it’s helpful to include the order number and which item you were not happy with in your correspondence. You can find the order number the invoice.  Return the tag that came with your item and we will know exactly which one to replace it with. 

What if I DO NOT like how something in my shipment fits?

We’re disappointed your shipment didn’t have what you’re looking for. When you check out, leave us feedback. While we do take care to make sure every garment is of the highest standards at times mistakes do happen and our Designers and Stylists do their best to match you on the information in your Size & Style Profile.  Ultimately your positive or negative feedback is how we improve. Leaving specific feedback on each item is key to getting you closer to what you are looking for instead.

For example, if you send back a T-Shirt Saying, “I hate it,” we may not know what or why and we do not learn to provide you better fit or style in the future. Be specific, if you tell us “this t-shirt was too tight in the chest and I don’t like flowers,” we have the opportunity to better.  Our bodies have a great deal of variation getting the perfect fit, style and other improvements aesthetics is not always going to happen by accident, indeed some thought must be applied.. 

What if nothing fits or I do not like how the garments are cut or lay?

We’re always disappointed when we don’t get your fit right in your shipment. Our Stylists and Design Team carefully review your Size & Style Profile; we will make notes on your account and keep them for future reference to be sure that your shipments always contain exactly the product you are looking for. 

Keep in mind if the item doesn’t fit you well, then you may need to move up or down a size. If you want to try different sizes next time, please be sure to update your Size & Style Profile. You can also let us know by answering the survey found on our site.  Feel free to contact us by DM via social media or at the contact details provided on the website:  if your body type requires different styles and we’ll take your notes into consideration when styling future Fixes.

The checkout price is different from my paper invoice—which is the actual price of my item?

As with any retailer, the prices of our items may shift as seasons change or based on price changes from our vendors. If there is a price discrepancy with the items we sent, we’ll always honor the lower price. Please check out for the item, and if your receipt doesn’t show the lower price, contact us and we’ll be happy to make the price adjustment.

Now we hope this doesn’t happen, but if it does, worry not we are prepared for such a mishap and will get you a replacement as quickly as possible.

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