Evidence Man Returns; With a Friend?!?!

Bigger & Better & More Bad Ass than ever!

Evidence Man the Original & Still the Best is Back with an Improved Design & Higher Quality Construction, Get Yours NOW!!

America’s favorite male apparel line is back; christening the popular men’s fashion brand relaunch is the ALL NEW & IMPROVED Package Enhancer.

After losing our supplier in Brazil we decided that it was not reliable to outsource our manufacturing to another country. It sounded nice and looked great on paper, but we realized quickly that we had much less oversight controls especially with regards to the quality of our products..

So. We decided to move manufacturing to the USA where will create jobs at home and provide our customers with a better more sustainable product.

Totally redesigned to offer better support to ensure that it will REALLY show of your package all day long! We upgraded the elastic bands and switched to a higher grade of fabrics including cotton, cotton lycra mix and athletic mesh depending on the style you choose.

As a result, indeed 100% ABSOLUTELY, the per unit cost is higher for us, but we are not raising the price for you our valued customers. It will still run $19.95 for a single unit! We may have taken some time off, but we didn’t forget our Mission Philosophy. Every Man deserves to wear quality affordable apparel.

To mark the relaunch we are also doing a special price on 3 & 7 packs. At $39.98 for a 3-pack you save around 30% per unit. BUT, we know you like a bargain so…. Wait For It…

You know there is a great deal coming. Save a even MORE money per unit and have enough of Americas’ favorite Man Package Enhancers for a normal weekly laundry cycle. For only $83.95 you will get a variety pack of 7 Package Enhancers. That is a savings of nearly $8.00 or nearly 40% off the retail single unit price.

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and get yours today. Check out the limited edition Package Enhancer and his new buddy we mentioned the Comfort Cradle! Designed for the endowed man who finds himself adjusting constantly through the day. Tired of getting your junk caught up in your pants?

The Comfort Cradle is a similar design but give the well hung man a bit more room to comfortable\y lift his C&B up out from the Valley of Crushing Thighs near Wounded Stones Falls. Same pricing applies. We are super excited to announce over the next weeks several new products to our line. Keep checking back to see what is new and don’t forget to follow us on Social Media!!

Thanks for being a loyal customer.


Evidence Man CEO

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I am Evidence Man, I believe in Quality Affordable Apparel


  1. Let me be honest with you all about one thing which is not easy to talk about. I am a below average guy in this department. Having an endowment that is small myself I just love this product. It has given me a whole new confidence. The site is right, it looks damn hot when you are wearing jeans, shorts, or a swimming suit! Thanks Evidence Man for giving me my confidence back.

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