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Here is where you enter your measurements for your “Customized Apparel Orders”. We will make your garments in the size dimensions that you specify so if you specify the wrong size the garment will not fit. Once you have all your dimensions and you are satisfied they are correct submit them to us. Measure twice to be sure submit your Style Profile. Then Add the Custom Tailor Fee to your Shopping Cart and anything else you wish to purchase then check out! A tailor will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your order.

How many inches is your waist? Don't know? Not sure how to measure? Enter "0" and select from the list below your normal size and the Tailor will discuss this with you.
Choose your waistband size.
Choose the color for your Support Strap!
You can read here how to measure the strap and waist sizes. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us for assistance.
Choose the size of your typical well fitting T-Shirt or Tank Top
Measured in Inches. Typically your jeans are sized waist / inseam. So if you have a 30 inch waist and 31 inch inseam your jeans will be a 30 / 31. What is your inseam?
Chest or Jacket Size
What is your US Shoe Size?
What is your favorite color? E.G. Red, Blue, Grey Tones, Classic Black...

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