Here you can learn more about our story. Our Mission and our Philosophy.

We are a small company dedicated to helping the individual to look and feel better. We believe that every guy should be able to look and feel his best. Wearing quality apparel that does not break the bank is a good economical decision.

How we feel is important! It makes us feel good to wear nice things. Looking and feeling good rested in the knowledge that you are making smart economical choices helps to build confidence. Our products are all about doing this, BUILDING CONFIDENCE, at an individual level. This is why we make everything we make cristalizable.

We take a huge pride in our work. All our products are hand made and more easily customized this way. We do not use machines for cutting patterns, which ensures that every piece we create looks artisan, well thought out. Our design team uses real models, (plastic, wire, cardboard or other sewing forms are average dimensions which actually fit almost no one) using real models ensures the clothes are sized to real men’s body types and better fitting and more stylish looks can be achieved… To construct apparel that fits well the prototypes, he believes, should ideally be done using the person who will wear the apparel. This however is not cost effective for mass production. Still if you want you can make an appointment to have your own custom variations created. It’s not cheap so we suggest using the online forms to customize your choices.

The designers create everything from original design ideas which follow a few simple rules. It must be delivered cost effectively and be relatively easily to produce in large, not necessirily mass quantites. Being repduceable is important so that each piece of apparel we sell was created indivdually recieving care and attention that you expect. Our sewers take great pride in their stitch work and embroidery adding extra rows where we know wear usually happens, taking time and attention to make sure each piece looks great. We believe that good style and comfort should be accessible to everybody.

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